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My Secretary, I Love...

My Secretary, I Love...

My Secretary, I Love...

Year: 1973
Contry: USA
Genre: Classic, Feature, Straight, All Sex
Duration: 00:47:11

Director: Jack O. Vive
Studio: Something Weird Video

Cast: Lilly Foster, Penny King, Antoinette Maynard

J.J. Sachs is too much into his business reports and not enough into his wife. As a result, shes on the sauce and on a huge pink dildo, as well. Pretty soon, she exchanges that big pink dildo for the mustachioed gardeners big pink hose.

But hubby J.J. is not only into his reports. Hes also into secretary Joyce (LILLY FOSTER), whos very good at taking dictation, as it were.

His other secretary, Alice, is at home in bed with a cold. She calls in sick which rhymes with dick and thats really what shes home in bed with. (Her boyfriends, that is.)

Now that makes three couplings, three sex scenes, all going on simultaneously, and the film simply shifts back and forth between these three Tor the rest of the way. But, oh, what a way!

The arousal factor here approaches critical mass. Sexy Lilly has never been soooo sensuous, the brunette whos moaning as Mrs. Sachs is a groin-twingeing highvixen, and the little blonde nymph who plays Alice is, hands down, the most babeacious piece of pussy purring in porn for the last thirty years!

Whats more, each of these three sex scenes is artfully shot, slowly building up, then holding back, teasing and teasing, then delivering a high-powered erotic punch. In a word, Wow!

My Secretary, I Love...

My Secretary, I Love...
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