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Special Train For Hitler

Special Train For Hitler

Special Train For Hitler

Year: 1977
Country: French | Spain
Genre: Drama, Thriller, War, Lesbian, Nazi, violation
Runtime: 1 hour 48 minutes
Language: English

Director: Alain Payet

Cast: Monica Swinn (as Ingrid Schler), Christine Aurel (as Helga), Sandra Mozarowsky (as Greta), Yolanda Ros (as Olga), Erik Muller (as Schmitt), Rudy Lenoir (as von Holtz), Frank Braa (as Otto Kramer), Bob Holger (as Paul Grnn), Antoine Fontaine (as Nazi), Roger Darton (as American Correspondent), Michel Charrel (as Soldier), Claude Boisson (as Partisan (as Yul Sanders)), Jacques Couderc (as Partisan), Alain Robin (as American Officer), Roland Travers

Skinny blonde ber-whore Ingrid Schler is having a pretty good war. Shes the main attraction at the local Nazi officers club where her poor-girls-Dietrich impersonation goes down a treat with the swastika crowd. Behind the scenes however we discover that Ingrid is just going along to get along, she despises the Nazis but shes not dumb enough to oppose them, like her college pal Greta and her father. As news breaks that Hitlers army has begun the invasion of Russia its party time in the nightclub. Ingrids lover/handler Strmbahnfuhrer Otto Kramer implores her in a wide eyed religious frenzy Please Ingrid liebchen dance! Because I want them to see the purest Aryan among German women! so she does indeed get up and shake her bony butt a little bit.
Must have made quite an impression because the very next day Ingrids been chosen to head up a new morale boosting military operation. Yup shes going to be boss of Hitlers special train. Made up of volunteers (including a countess) and a few political rebels the women of this train will be providing entertainment to the officers fighting at the front. Its not long however before they all realize that they are little more than a traveling whorehouse. The countess takes this quite badly so Otto slaps her around and rides her like a pony till she shuts up. A series of lurid vignettes follows as the love train goes about its kinky business. Before long Ingrids college pal Greta has joined the whore express too.
Things chug along smoothly until the train reaches the front lines and the women are ordered to service the drunken rank and file soldiers as well as the officers! Luckily a young Nazi Captain with some honor and decency (and a boner for Greta) saves them and orders the drunken rabble off the train. Greta swoons, romance blossoms, the Captain leaves for a bit, the Polish freedom fighters spring a trap and take over the train, doh! Turns out they had a Polish spy in with the women all along, the bird with the short hair, naturally. Cue some more manhandling of the women (the countess receives what has to be the longest spanking in movie history surely) and a whole lot of stock tank war footage from some other film crudely inserted into this one. With the Nazis on one side, the Russians on the other and the Americans coming up the middle, who will administer the final spanking to the poor ladies of the love train youll have to watch it to find out!

Special Train For Hitler

Special Train For Hitler
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