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A Climax of Blue Power

A Climax of Blue Power
A Climax of Blue Power

Year of of production: 1974
Country: USA
Genre: Feature (Rape)
Duration: 01:21:56
Language: ENG

Producer: Lee Frost as F.C. Perl
Studio: Alpha Blue Archives

Cast: Jason Carns, Linda Harris, Betty Childs, Mary Tomkins, Angela Carnon, Rene Bond

A Climax of Blue Power

Description:A Climax of Blue Power is an excellent roughie flick as it combines hardcore porn with a storyline that is actually interesting. The story is not exactly Shakespeare, of course, but naturally most people will be tuning in for the porn and the story helps to ensure that it actually has some point, rather than just being a collection of random sex scenes, and that does benefit the film immensely. The film is somewhere between a porn flick, a cop flick and a psycho flick and the lead character is a man named Eddie; a security guard who gets his kicks during his off-hours by posing as a police officer and picking up young prostitutes. After being given a run down of what will happen to them now that they've been caught, Eddie then offers to let the girls go if they'll agree to give him a free ride - which invariably leads to a torrent of abuse for the girls. This goes on for a while until one day, while out and about, Eddie witnesses a woman kill her husband. This has an effect on the "moral and upstanding" man and after mulling over what to do; he decides to deal out his own punishment...

The film was obviously cheaply made and naturally this has lead to a very gritty and downtrodden atmosphere, which bodes well with the hardcore sex. The sex definitely is hardcore and director Lee Frost (who previously directed odd porno-noir The Pick-Up and dismal Nazisploitation trash Love Camp 7) definitely leaves nothing to the imagination as we get to watch the lead character have his way with various female members of the cast. The sex is gritty just like the atmosphere though it well filmed and largely very erotic also. The acting does leave a lot to be desired, although Jason Carns is thoroughly convincing in the lead role. The film all boils down to the scenes at the end where we get to see the lead have his way with the murderess he witnessed earlier on and these are the best parts of the film. The film takes a bizarre turn and the sex scene towards the end is very brutal. Overall, A Climax of Blue Power certainly wont be everyone's cup of tea; but if you like your rough seventies porn with a story; this is probably one of the better examples. Recommended.

A Climax of Blue Power
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