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Love, Lust & Violence

Love, Lust & Violence

Love, Lust & Violence

Year of of production: 1975 yr.
Country: USA
Genre: Classic, Horror, All Sex
Duration: 01:30:16
Language: ENG

Producer: Norbert Meisel
Studio: Something Weird Video

Cast: Serena, Claudine Beccarie, Colleen Brennan

Love, Lust & Violence

Description: This is a gangster film with a difference: It offers hardcore sex with hardcore action. This GODFATHER-inspired X-Rater tells the story of gangsters, vigilantes and the innocent people caught in-between. When General Armsfords son is beaten up by the Mob for owing $20,000 in gambling debts and his daughter-in-law (played by porn perennial Serena) visciously raped, the former member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff hires Vietnam vet Joe Napoli (Anthony Fortunado) to rid the world of Godfather Tony Mandano and his hoods. Napoli begins picking off Mandanos gang, shooting them in warehouses, massage parlors, restaurants and deserted backroads until, in the finale, Napoli goes one-on-one with Mandano in his patatial mansion. I was quite surprised with this film. It contains good acting, an intricate plot and, for once, the hardcore sex plays an important part in the storyline. One scene shows Mandano sentencing demented rapist Spike (who assaulted the Generals daughter-in-law) to a fate worse than death. If he can make love to a woman without ejaculating, he lives and the woman dies. If he squirts, he dies and she lives. Everything goes well for Spike (who likes to slap women) until the woman starts munching on his baloney pony. Trying as hard as he can to keep control, he loses it, cums and gets a bullet in the head. Even the Mob has their standards. Spike was punished because he raped an innocent person. A relationship develops between Napoli and the Generals secretary Louise (played by porn regular Sharon Kelly who uses the name 'Sara Bloom' here). Napoli tells Louise his motivation for accepting the Generals plan to wipe out the Mob: When he was a child he saw his Uncle Alfonso "split in half on a railroad track" by the Mafia, so he has a score to settle of his own. Unfortunately, when he does get to settle the score, someone else has a score to settle with him. It is not a happy ending. Toss in multiple shootings (in the crotch, in the head, etc), a pitchfork to the back and hot sex scenes and you come up with a satisfying brew of graphic sex and violence. As a matter of fact, this film could have worked without the hardcore sex (softcore would have done it), but it wouldnt have been as much fun.

Love, Lust & Violence
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