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Jerky Girls Vol. 35 -Dont Mess With Sisters

Jerky Girls Vol. 35 -Dont Mess With Sisters

Studio: JerkyGirls
Cast: Samantha, Danielle, Sky, Dani, Tasha, Allison
Video language: English

Meet The Demonika sisters!!! These two Siblings do EVERYTHING together! They grew up together....they grew Boobs together.....they went off to College together......they live together in their Dorm Room.....and tonight before bed...they Jerk-Off a boy together!! The two Massive-Chested College sisters are in their Dorm Room getting ready for bed...when a boy climbs in their window....by mistake!!! He was looking for his Girlfriend Sindy.....but he climbed in the wrong window by accident. This horny boy, who was gonna get laid by his Girlfriend is now in the clutches...and under the Asses of....The Demonika sisters!!! Sky pins his legs.....while sister Dani straddles his chest and Smothers his mouth...so the Den Mother doesn't hear him.....and the Girls proceed to Beat the cum out of the poor boy!!! Halfway through their compelled Masturbation of the boy....both sisters take out their Gigantic....Massive......Awesome......100% Real.....TITS. Just for fun :)STEP SISTERSMrs. Cook's son has been away overseas for a year He has returned and is visiting with his Mom. A lot has happened since he left. His Mom has re-married....so he has a new Step-Dad.....AND......his Mom's new husband has two daughters....so he now has two new Step-sisters!!!! His two new Step-sisters have come to visit...and his Mom needs some things at the store...so She leaves him there to get to know his new Step-sisters. The Girls...Samantha and Allison have never had a andbrotherand before....so they don't really know what to do with their new Step-Brother. The Girls decide that they will do the same thing with him that they do to all boys.....Jerk him Off!!!!! The confused brother has his pants around his ankles before he realizes whats happening....and his two Step-sisters are playing with his cock....and fighting over his cock...each calling the other a andCock Hogand. Samantha and Allison giggle as they make their new Step-Brother ejaculate all over the coffee table!
Format: Windows Media
Duration: 26:42
Video: 852x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1149kbps
Audio: 62kbps

Jerky Girls Vol. 35 -Dont Mess With Sisters

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