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AIden doing her first video session.

AIden doing her first video session.

AIden doing her first video session. A fabulous A cup & a sweet array of tattoos. Takes her top off & we get to see some of the tatts. Bermuda Triangle pose. CLoseup of her nipples. More tatts on her left arm than her right. Holds her right breast, then her left. Juggles her boobs. Lifts her boobs up. Pushes her boobs together. Stretches her nipples. Pulls her nipples. Stretches them & then releases them several times. Jumping with boob bouncing. Same in slow motion. Jumping Jacks. Same in slow motion. Lean forward & we see her boobs hanging. Wiggles them side to side. Same in slow motion.

2) Pinches her nipples with her 2nd & 3rd finger of each hand. Pushes her boobs together. Boob choke followed by a wiggle for each side. Same in slow motion. Leans forward & we see her boobs hanging between her legs. Side to side wiggle which seems to be wiggling her ass too. Same in slow motion. Ditches her Addidas pants & we are down to panties. Pulls them forward, then panties halfway down. Spreads her legs hands on her hips. A slow squat to the ground, then butt on the floor. Upper arms framing her boobs as we zoom in. Zoom in on her pussy. We switch to a metallic red outfit. The upper portion has frills. Adjusts it. Jumps up & down for her tassels to bounce. Same in slow motion. Pulls her top forward to show of her nipples.Pulls the right side of the top down, then the left side. Places the metal ring that separates the right & left side of the top to encircle her left nipple, then she puts on the right side & pulls the nipple through the ring.

3) Slow motion pull of her right nipple through the metal ring of her red top in slow motion. Lays on her back & we do a body scan. Side view of her breasts. Attaches a vacuum device to her right nipple & pumps it up. Bounces it in slow motion. Pulls it off. Attaches the same device to her left breast, Bounces it up & down. Full stretch & release. Same in slow motion. More nipple pumping. We attach a large sized nipple cup & pump it up also. Next we go to a mega-sized vacuum cup that covers the entire breast. Wiggles it then releases it. Her breast is showing some redness. Nipple flicking with her strap from the top. One side then the other. Tries a double nipple flicking. Same in slow motion. Pulls her bottoms forward so we can see her somewhat hairy pussy. Pulls her crotch aside. Lays on her back. Pulls her bottoms off. Knees together, then legs up towards her chest with a nice low angle pussy view.

4) Legs up with the pussy tight together. Wiggles her toes. Knees apart a bit with a nice aerial pussy view. Legs into a large "V". Zoom in on her pussy. Puts on a a "Booty-ful pair of panties. Spanks herself. Next we have a tri-colored bikini top which she pulls up & down. Pulls up & lets her boobs fall out of the bottom in slow motion. On her hands & knees & we walk around her body. Nice side view of her breasts. Raises her left side for a view of both tits. Zoom in on her nipples. Pinches & pulls her nipples.Poking her boob from beaten her breasts. Same in slow motion. Sitting down leaning forward with a nice side boob view. Pokes her right boob

AIden doing her first video session.


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