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Party & Death

Party & Death

Party & Death

Nadya's parents were gone for the week-end....a chance for the young girl to organize a "skin party" for her friends...Alcohol, drugs, sex,....The party turned into an unexpected way as some so called "friends from friends" joined in... Soon....nadya's parents house was looking like a debauchery house...Teen strangers to each other drinking, taking drugs, fucking,....Nadya herself got disconnected from reality...But a few hours later, reality brutally came back to her...Everyone left, letting a big mess behind...and her parents would be back soon....Despites a huge hangover, Nadya had to clean this mess....she was not even aware that a guy was still there, a perfect stranger who sneaked there at the party but that nobody knew...He had a full night to watch at Nadya and dream about what he wanted to do to her...and he didn't left the house....

He was now watching Nadya's ass, touching himself, then got closer, tightening a knotted rope between his fists....He was very fast to wrap it around Nadya's neck....The girl suddenly chocked and was just able to let some gurggling sounds coming from her mouth as the rope was crushing her throat...Despites her state, Nadya violently fought back, her booted legs kicking aroung, but finally passed out...

The raper finally had what he wanted, he undressed Nadya and enjoyed her unconscious body...he enjoyed her mouth first, sticking his dick into it, then ....was an old fantasy of him, indulged his foot fetish and used Nadya's feet to jerk him off....

He eventually fucked her laying prey from behind....but unconsciousness has a limit, and as Nadya suddenly woke up, he had to squeeze her throat again with his bare hands...

Nadya fought back, but could'nt get his hands off her throat, she was suffocating and both felt on the floor....being raped and chocked...Nadya was desperatly struggling ...but soon her kickings became spasms....and light became darkness....

Nadya's raper, and now killer...came inside her dead victim...then let her there..lokking for another "blind party"

Party & Death

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