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"Hi...my name is....let' s say John... as I am peacefully drinking my coffee on my balcony, I am thinking of the past and my obsessions.....My ex girfriend who never understood and never liked my games involving rubber, latex and breathplay....maybe I went too far and she left me because of this...or there was another cause...I don't really care anymore...Life is going on and the world is full of pretty girls ready to share my fantasies..

I drink a last drop and leave the balcony...Some noise, something I heard before, brings me back to reality...I take a look inside the room...This so familiar noise is coming from a bag, a bag that is moving. I almost forgit it, or should I say her. I unzip the bag and see her gagged face....she is begging at me...yes...I remember now...I stalked this young girl for two weeks, before to abduct her from her own bedroom....she was so cute in her pink undies....

Now she lays there all taped up and gagged, struggling and moaning,...I start to caress her, I finger her under her undies....I want to be nice, but she is not responding. I am sure she would even scream if I take off her gag...

So, I get to the point...my point, and seeing the rubber sheet in front of her eyes scares her still more. I use the sheet to play on her body, shaping her tits with it, making her smell the sweet taste of the material....

In a quick move, I put the rubber shhet on her head, she suffocates on me and passes out.

I then enjoy her unconscious body till she wakes up....forcing me to squeezze the rubber around her throat, strangling her....she is still alive as I wrap the rubber around her head again...She sucks on it, gasping for air...then eventually goes limb...

I put the body back in the bag and take it away...


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