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As Emmanuelle is relaxing in the sauna, she knows her stepbrother is watching her, she is used with it and even makes her horny somehow...she just ignores that this time, he decided to fullfill a fantasy he had hidden from the childhood...he locks the door of the room, and switch the controling device to the maximum....Emmanuelle soon feels the heat raising beyond what is bearable...she tries to get out...and enters in panic, hitting the sauna's door and screaming for help...but noone around to hear, besides him....Emmanuelle soon passes out...he unlocks the door, steps inside and begins to enjoy her unconscious stepsister's mouth first...then rapes her...

As she suddenly wakes up, he starts to squeeze her neck, tighter and tighter, despite her violent fight...still raping her....he keeps on crushing her throat till her moves eventually resume to a handfull of spasms...

He leaves the corpse there....thinking of a story for his father and the police....hoping his fingerprints won't remain among the bruises on her neck...


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