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Young Kate can't believe her luck. Just six months ago, fresh from business school, she found a job at Weiss Holdings, the leading financial company in Wall Street. A month after she got engaged with with Michael, the all American girl's dream of a husband, and now she is dinning with Mr Wiess, her employer and the company's CEO!
Unknown to her, Michael, her lover and fiance, is the young brother of Mr. Weiss!
Mr. Weiss: "Can you imagine my surprise when he told me the woman he was marrying worked for me? I told him thered be better woman to marry than a rising star from Weiss Holdings. Im only sorry we hadnt met much sooner."
Kate: "Oh please dont apologize, Mr. Weiss. Ive only been with the holding company for seven months. I really didnt expect to be noticed by the top echelon, much less the CEO himself!"
Mr. Weiss: Please, call me Eli. Not only are you beautiful, but very understanding. Im looking forward to getting to know my future sister-in-law even more.
The day after, Michael leaves on a business trip. He'll be out for a few weeks. Kate goes to work as every day. She's a bit nervous after dinning last night with the company CEO and owner, her future brother in law.
Mr. Weiss promised her to pay her a lot of attention now that they are going to become family.
Mr. Weiss is a successful businessman well known for keeping his word

And true to his word, the man takes control of his young and ravishing employee in the office, assigning her a new assistant...

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