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Sensitive Pornograph

Sensitive Pornograph

Sensitive Pornograph

Year : 2004
Genre: Yaoi, Comedy, Romance
Duration: 00:31:39
Studio: Phoenix Entertainment

The description: Sensitive Pornograph based on the first two stories Ashiq manga Sakura (Sakura Ashika)

Part one. Seiji Yamada (Yamada Seiji) - a man of twenty-two years old, beginner mangaka. His beloved - Hanazaki Sono (Hanazaki Sono), whom he had met only a month ago. Sono 32 years old, he a famous artist, drawing manga youth with erotic elements and having a lot of fans. Sono Seiji asked for a drink of friendship. Naturally, the latter delighted Seiji can not look enough at the handsome young man, and finally he gets drunk. Sono leads drunken friend home, where they have sex.
Relations tied so continue, Sono Seiji helps work on a new manga, often indulging in between sex. But sometimes trouble: one Seiji also helps him in his work, tells him about the rumors that Sono sleeps with everyone. Frustrated Seiji directly asked about her lover, and Sono for the innocence all confirms ...

Part two. Senior Ueno (Ueno) moonlights as a nurse for pets. Received another order for Bunny Aki (Aki), he finds in the client's house bound naked guy. Cry "Where bunny?" Performed Ueno inexpressible. Aki is not thinking begins to have sex with Ueno, while he watches them through a hidden camera. Obviously, the owner of Aki loves to play games such as this.

Sensitive Pornograph

Sensitive Pornograph
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